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so today, i walk into my chem class like any other day and sit down ready to take notes since we just had an exam, never expecting what was about to happen. My chem professor hands back our exams (expected) and then tells us hes not teaching lecture today hes going to conference with us about our grades. Knowing that im not doing the best in the entire world i dont panic i know what is about to come. I walk up to his desk to talk to him as i was ready to get it over with and he proceeds to tell me that i have a 57 average in the class. My heart sinks to my stomach, im a CHEMISTRY major i cant NOT pass chemistry. he tells me i should consider switching my major and that i should drop the class before friday but that what i did was completely up to me. He said to pass the class id have to bust my ass and makes atleast B’s on everything for the rest of the semester which he said has been done before it just depended on how much time and effort i was willing to put into it. Im already giving the class everything that i have and i dont know what to do with my life anymore, so thanks college for slapping me in the face and showing how to find out the worst possible way that chemistry isnt for me.

i know that you should never complain about things in your life because someone always has it worse, but im so sick and tired of somethings. THE WORST feeling in the whole world is getting all dressed up and waiting on what you think is going to be a geat night and what do you do but SIT IN YOUR ROOM AND GO NO WHERE! i hate this! i just for once want someone to spend all my time with, someone i can always count on like wtf is going on. EVERYONE HAS SOMEONE BUT ME! it makes me begin to think something is wrong :(

telling that “someone” goodnight when you havent all day just because it didnt feel right not too <3

so being home has been absolutely AMAZING and i have missed it, my family and my friends sooooo much that words can not even explain. i went back to my old high school today for the homecoming game and i got to see all my old friends from senior year which BTW was sooo great and then also got to see all my friends who were still in high school. I serioulsy have never felt more like a social butterfly in my entire life and i have never in my entire life said “OMG HEY” that many times in my ENTIRE LIFE! i really didnt think i had that many friends in high school but everyone was so exxcited to see everyoe else i dont think anyone care about who was friends with who. I am so incredibly blessedto have an amazing family who loves me and cares about me so incredibly much and that loves with my all their hearts. They make me want to never leave home and they make me realize how much i appreciate being home thats for sure. needless to say if you cant tell im so glad to be home and when i leave sunday im going to be incredibly sad :( but i know that when i come home it wont be long till i get to do this all over again and appreciate them even more <3

"The strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack"

the truth is my heart aches for you. I miss having you always there for me, i miss having you as my best friend. If i was to know you were only going to be apart of my life for one short year, i would have enjoyed it more and savored every moment i could. i miss you </3

last night was one of the most terrible nights ive ever had in my entire life. A good guy friend of mine told me he was having suicidal thoughts and that he couldnt live with himself anymore and i began to freak out like any normal caring friend should. i didnt know what to do so i called my RA and told her the situation and she said she would handle it. so she called the RA that was on call and the RD in the building and the police also came. They had me go downstairs and tell them the situation and what had happened and i showed them the text messages he had sent me, its now 1am. they tell me they are going to go talk to him and that i needed to stay downstairs till they came back. They come back and the police officer sits down and says “heres the deal, your stories are very different. hes denying everything you say, saying none of it is true.” the police officer goes on to tell me that hes had FBI trainging and that he knows that it would have been physically impossible for my guy friend to have been lying because he was shaking uncontrolably and sweating bullets in the freezing cold. Im pretty sure i would have been doing that plus more if the police were knocking on my door at like 2am. so believe it or not i called for help for the benifit of my friends well being and the police didnt believe he was suicidial because he said he wasnt, EVEN though i showed them the text messages. yay for our lovely police system….. 

let me tell you about my epic (not so epic) day on tuesday

it began at 8am with my online class when ends at 9. im so tired i crawl back into bed like i always do and completely pass out. Now its about 9:45 but i wake up to this constand frantic banging thinking ive slept for 3 hours, wondering where is the freaking fire. so i jump outta bed, messy hair pjs and all, swing open the door and say to this big sweaty maintence man standing in my door way “WHAT DO YOU WANT”  hes like yelling at me “DO YOU KNOW YOUR PEEP HOLE IS COVERED? THATS DANGERIOUS BALH BLAH BLAH!” and im like dude….i live in a suite….i know all the other girls that live here, no ones a creep and 99% of the time my door stands wide open anyways, not to mention there is a door to our suite that no one can get into without a key so all strangers must be let in by one of the 8 of us. As im standing there telling him this ( i do believe he was shocked) i get even more mad because now hes distrubed my sleep for somthing petty so for the rest of the day im completely bitter and ticked off at the world because this man decided to wake me up unnecessarily about something REALLY STUPID

that awkward moment when you arent paying attention and you run smack into a really cute guy….happened to me today…..true story

Next in the daily life of hayley :)

Today i went shopping with two girls that live in the suite next door to me who have became lie my best friends. We had oiginally planned to go to rite aid and then go to walmart and go home. Well i have never been to a local mall they have here (which i heard was the bomb) so we decided to go. There was everything you could imagine in this mall it was amazing! i was incredibly proud of myself especially because i went into hollister and didnt buy anything. I was going strong (with not buying anything) until i walked into wet seal, they had these skirts on sale that ive been dying to have for such a long time, and i caved in and bought 2. They had a sale rack in the back and i ended up buying a shirt and a dress (that i plan on using for halloween, and that i can also wear other places), and i kinda felt guilty about it, with everything going on (money wise). Then i go into walmart and drop $80 like that on grocceries, like OMG, thats not okay! BUTTTT the real reason i wanted to blog today was to tell you about these 2 girls, their names are kirsten and amber. I honeslty have the most fun with them. At first when i came to college i was bummed out because i didnt have any best friends here to talk to and gossip with but i do believe that they have become like my best friends. I have also became close with my suitemates hanna and julianne. We are always in each other rooms making inside jokes with each other and gossiping till 1 am. My roommate sometimes joins in on the fun when she isnt with her boyfriend(which happens to be all the time)….so anways the point of this blog was just to say, im closer to finding my best friends and im so excited :)